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We help people achieve freedom through their health and fitness. Our education and years of experience have evolved into our proven system of training that addresses all 3 principles of Health and Fitness. Our methods get to the heart of the matter by addressing Exercise science Nutrition and Leadership


Begin With the End in Mind


Starting your journey begin with understanding what it is going to take to reach your intended destination. In this journey before you set your goals, we have to set the foundation of personal attributes that will lead you in your journey. Before you declare what you want, you have to think about who do I have to become to receive. By joining this program it is clear you want to win your health and fitness and by following this program you will do just that. Become the leader in your health and fitness.

Develop Your Nutrition Practice


We believe quality nutrition habits start with the right education. We empower our clients by offering resources that help our clients win in their nutrition. The Ascent Nutrition System has been designed to address the five elements of Nutrition. Our goal is to clarify these elements & create practical techniques for down-to-earth circumstances.  We promise we wont ask you to follow a ridiculously low calorie diet, implement an all liquid diet, or eat flowers all day.

The Ascent Nutrition System follows our proven formula that combines sound nutrition principles, a lesson plan, & support to aid you in out growing your current nutrition obstacles. In this course you will get the intimate details of our proven nutrition philosophy along with the strategy that allows you to personalize your plan to your life style. We ask that you please invest in your future self by asking more about our nutrition course.



Our training approach will revolutionize your life and transform how you perform, look, and feel each day. The Ascent Training system utilizes the integrated approach of exercise science, nutrition, mental training, and recovery techniques that has helped power many of the best fitness professionals in the world. Whether you want to increase your energy levels, gain more muscle, increase strength, lose 15 pounds, or just enjoy organized exercise, we can help you reach your goals.

  • We cover your exercise needs by writing a complete workout program covering all areas of fitness (corrective, strength,  power, stability endurance etc.) we also provide a workout program to do when you are not with us.
  • Our proven nutrition system will teach you how to maintain healthy eating habits for life by focusing on education, habit formation. And personalization.
  • Fitness is a mental game, we now focus on ritual formation and focus on developing the right mind set to achieve success inside and out.
  • Last but not least our coaching is what ties our program together to deliver the quality feedback to ensure you learn and grow in the right direction during each session.

We Stand By Our Craft 


The truth is we wouldn’t support any aspect of these programs if we did not do it our selves. We put the time in to gather the knowledge, design and refine the systems and tinker with the results. We are here for one reason for the opportunity to help and empower our clients to become their best self’s through our fitness programs.