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Our Mission

We help people achieve freedom through their health and fitness. Our education and years of experience have evolved into our proven system of training that addresses all 3 principles of Health and Fitness. Our methods get to the heart of the matter by addressing Exercise science, technique, Nutrition and Mindset.

Julio Ybarra is a personal trainer, founder of Ascent Personal Training, and keynote speaker, who helps people achieve their best in their health and fitness. Julio has earned two certification from The National Academy of Sports Medicine, and completed the exercise science, nutrition and psychology courses at Mesa Community College. Julio stays progressive by attending seminars regularly, along with reading numerous books a year.

Julio’s approach to health and fitness infuses exercise science, rehabilitation, nutrition, and psychology to deliver an integral method to health and fitness. Julio’s teaching method takes a developmental approach to ensure deep learning and consistent progress.

Julio fundamentally believes that our level of health and fitness is linked to our level of freedom we have in our lives. He has made it his life goal to learn, design, and contribute the best services and products in the health and fitness industry.