How does someone choose their career? Some know right off from the start, others explore, some follow a set path. I wasn’t looking for my career of choice, when I was introduced to it.


I grew up in a small town called Miami in Arizona. If you look it up online you will see it’s a historic mining town. In this town of ours we were lucky to have a nicely outfitted gym named Globe gym.


My friend Chris and I would spend our summers working out at Globe gym to do some “off season training” for football. Really we were just doing lots of arm and chest exercises and talking. One day everything changed..


As Chris and I finished our workout we noticed a new flyer on the door. The flyer was promoting the personal training services of Ted. At first we made fun of the flyer, laughing at the bodybuilders in there underwear, then Chris directed the jokes towards me saying “you should sign up, maybe you will finally grow.” We threw jokes at each back and forth and left.


The next afternoon I received a call from the gym, it was Ted. He said “Hey Julio, I see you were interested in our training program, we have an introduction session coming up tomorrow can you join?” I then realized Chris signed me up for the introduction session as a joke.


I thought to my self two can play this game, I will go to this session and go through the workout and prove I can handle the program, then sign him up! I agreed to the session it was go time.


The intro session was supposed to have a group of people there. I was the only person to attend the session! Ted warmly introduced him self and carried on with the session. Ted began by explaining the key elements of health and fitness. As he was explaining at one point, he sensed he was losing me and suggested that I experience it instead.


I’ve worked out at that gym hundreds of times before, but never like that. The coaching, guidance, and intensity were all new to me. Ted opened my eyes to “Pandora’s box of health and fitness.”


All thoughts of revenge on Chris evaporated, I was exposed to something, I’ve never felt before. I had to see it through. I signed up the next day and the rest is history. Some experiences change our lives forever. #BeginYourAscent