The Friction along Your Journey
Only you know the race your running. Your ego decides the only way you have value is if you’re better than, have more than, everyone everywhere. Far too often we look at other people and make their approval the standard we feel compelled to meet and as a result we squander our very potential and purpose.
Ego will lead you to look past what you have and to seek more. It will draw you into self entitlement and feelings of jealousy. A well developed ego is the worst maladies of the mind.
Tranquillity – The sense of our own path and how to stay on it without getting distracted by all the others that intersect.
Its not about having more than others its about being what you are, and being as good as possible at it without succumbing to all the things that draw you away from it.
(Ego is the Enemy by Ryan Holiday)
Ego cost me relationships, time, money, learning opportunities, business opportunities etc. Ego has infected my mind and took me off track. Ego draws our focus from our purpose and saturates it with self interest. Egotisms purpose is to really protect ourselves from the world around us. Its a survival mechanism to numb and reframe the realities of life. Egotism seeks to create disconnect from our self and others in the process creates delusion. Lets not ignore the fact that life gets tough, even unbearable at times. Humility is the remedy, Humility heals, Humility will redirect your energy back to your purpose. Humility is a skill, for some it comes natural to others like my self have to develop and practice it daily.
The first step is to be honest.
How has ego altered your path in the past?